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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr


Lost in Space #2 (Dark Horse)
Written by Brian McDonald
Pencils by Gordon Purcell
Inks by Ande Parys and Terry Pallot
Cover by Gary Erskine and Gordon Purcell

Dr. Smith is transformed into an alien juggernaut who ousts Major West and the Robinsons from the Jupiter 2.


Story Summary


Don and the Robinsons find themselves powerless to stop an armored Dr. Smith, now transformed into an alien juggernaut. As the creature boards the grounded ship, they are forced to abandon the Jupiter 2. Their only hope is that they can come up with some plan in the time it is going to take the creature to repair the ship and blast off.


On board, the Robot has been damaged and is unable to fulfill its programming to protect the Robinson family. And, inside the psyche of the alien, Dr. Smith is trying to find a way to regain control its/his body.


Don finally realizes that Dr. Smith must have found the mechanized armor in the pit he fell into (in "Wake the Dead") and so John lowers him down into the hole with a rope to search for more technology. Don discovers the dead alien off whom Smith took the armor. Buried in the dirt of the pit, he also finds a big frakking gun.




Didja Know?


Neither the mini-series as a whole nor the individual issues had a title beyond Lost in Space. The title "Confrontation" I've used for this study is one I just pulled out of my arse.


Didja Notice?


On page 2, seeing the transformed-into-an-alien Dr. Smith, Don remarks, "First a spider and now this." He is referring to the future Dr. Smith he met in Lost in Space, transformed into a giant spider-creature with a humanoid face.


Penny's planet-covered shirt is no longer green as it was in "Wake the Dead", but a more accurate lavender hue, as it was in Lost in Space. 


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