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Episode Studies by Clayton Barr


Lost in Space: The New Journeys Book 5
Written by J.J. Gardner

(Page numbers come from the 1st printing, January 1999)

On a barren planet, the Robinsons meet a boy determined to prove his mettle as a warrior.


Story Summary


Read the brief story summary at Lost In Space Movie Timeline


Notes from the Lost in Space chronology


Passages in this book suggest that the Robot is no longer on treads and has legs instead. This may place the book some time after The Vault, in which Will has replaced the Robot's treads with multijointed, gyrostabilized legs.


Didja Know?


Lost in Space: The New Journeys was a series of six books for young readers, published by Scholastic.


Didja Notice?


On page 1, Will reflects on a sage statement made by Dr. Smith: "Life in space is's one percent adventure and ninety-nine percent computer maintenance."


Page 2 describes that the Robinsons are mining deutronium for fuel for the ship. Deutronium was named as the Jupiter 2's fuel source in the original TV series episode "Attack of the Monster Plants". In fact, the planet in this novel also features monster-size plants!


Page 2 reveals that John is being cautious about bumping into aliens due to the many hostile ones they've already met on their space travels so far.


Page 4 reveals that the Jupiter 2 left Quadrant X just a couple months previous (see The Perils of Quadrant X).


Page 9 reveals that there is at least one stun gun on the ship, the only weapon John is willing to lend to Dr. Smith for protection in his task of setting up a signal conductor three miles from the mining site.


Page 11 suggests that the ship has a laser machete for use by crew members in cutting through thick jungle growth on a planet's surface.


Page 17 reveals that Dr. Smith spent seven years in the millennium wars.


Somehow, Movitar seems to speak English throughout the book.


On page 35, John is astounded to hear that Movitar's body is being saturated with 200 megawatts of electricity, exclaiming, "...that's enough to power a whole city..." This estimate of a city's power consumption is roughly true in our age.


On page 36, Judy goes out of her way to heal the burns on Don's hands incurred from the electrical mass surrounding Movitar's body. But nothing is said or done about the burns Will suffered to both face and hands from the dragon he and Dr. Smith encountered before Movitar's arrival.


On page 44, Penny says, "Smile! You're on Candid Camera!" Candid Camera was a hidden camera/practical joke TV program that ran in various incarnations from 1948-2004. If she's still using the phrase many decades after this, it may be that the show was brought back in a new version when she was still on Earth in 2058.


On page 55, Will tells Movitar about rescuing his family from a planet run by robots and being trapped in an asteroid with Penny in Quadrant X. These are references to the events of Robotworld and The Perils of Quadrant X, respectively.


As the planet begins to warm up, Will feels as if he's in the middle of a hot Arabian desert. Of course, this is a reference to the Arabian peninsula of Earth.


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